How to order and pay for the product?

The product can be ordered through our online shop, and payment can be made in cash on delivery (only for orders within Serbia). For orders from the rest of the world, payment can be made using payment cards during the ordering process on our online shop.

Issues with account registration?

- Check your email inbox to see if you have received the activation link for your registration.
- If you have received the activation link, click on the link to activate your account.
- If you haven't received the activation link or if you are unable to activate your account using the provided link, please contact our support team at servis@inoxdryingrack.com

Issues with product delivery within Serbia?

The delivery time for products within the territory of the Republic of Serbia is up to 3 working days from order confirmation.
If you were not present at the delivery address, you will be able to pick up your package at the Post Office.
After the shipment is sent by INOX DRYING RACK staff, you will receive a tracking code that allows you to see the location and status of your shipment at any time. You can track your shipment on the following page:

Is delivery possible to countries other than Serbia?

Delivery is possible to all countries worldwide, and the delivery costs will be displayed after registration on our online shop, according to the entered delivery address.

Issues with international delivery?

Delivery time for international deliveries is uncertain. After the shipment is sent, we will provide you with a tracking link and code, so you can track the location and status of your shipment at any time.
You can track your shipment on the following page:

Costs and customs procedures for international deliveries?

Before placing an order, please confirm the sum of additional costs in the destination country (recipient's country). INOX DRYING RACK is not responsible for and does not cover customs duties and taxes in the recipient's country. These costs are not included in the product price.

Can I order products by phone?

Ordering products is exclusively done through our online shop (not possible by phone or email).

By calling the number +381 60 7563816 , we can assist you with detailed instructions on how to create your order.

Is there a warranty for the product?

Yes, the warranty is in accordance with the consumer protection law of the delivering country.

Can I return or exchange the goods?

It is possible to exchange the goods for another item of the same or higher value. The customer bears all costs related to product exchange.

Issues with product installation?

How to mount the product on a drywall?
To secure the product to a drywall, you need to provide and use suitable plugs designed for drywalls.

2. How to mount the product on an external wall with a Demit facade?
To safely mount INOX DRYING RACK on an external wall with a Demit facade, you need to obtain screws and plugs suitable for this purpose, with the appropriate length relative to the thickness of the insulation material

3. Issues with mounting on hollow construction material walls (concrete blocks, hollow bricks)?
If the partition wall is made of hollow construction material (blocks or hollow bricks), and there is a problem with the plugs coming out of the wall during fixation, you need to replace the plugs provided with the product with plugs intended for fixation in hollow construction materials. Below are suggestions for plugs used for fixation in hollow construction materials.

You can see how to use plugs and anchor adhesives in hollow construction materials
in the following video:

How to track the shipment?
Link to track the shipment in Serbia:
Link for tracking a shipment with a foreign delivery address:


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