Usage and installation instructions


Open the left and the right door.

Pull the metal railings out from the center with both hands in the same moment.

Extend all bars fully pulling with both hands in the same moment, pull slowly both rails.

Inox drying rack is ready for use.


Pull the left and right inox rails from the outside to the center.

Your inox dryer clothes rack is closed.

Installation method

Box contents:
Fully assembled drying rack
User manual
Set of screws and plugs necessary for installation (plugs are intended for concrete walls)
Spare plastic caps

The product is delivered with a protective film to prevent damage during handling and transport. The protective film must be removed before installation.

Find a flat surface (wall) to mount the drying rack.
Open the left and right doors of the dryer.
Ensure that the top and bottom parts of the dryer are properly aligned (parallel).
Mark the installation holes (hole template on the bottom of the box).

Use a drill to make holes for the plugs.
Insert the plastic plugs into the holes (use a hammer if necessary).
Place the product on the wall to align with the holes and insert the screws.
Tighten the screws using a screwdriver.
Your INOX DRYING RACK is ready for use.

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