INOX DRYING RACK is an innovative product on the market that stands out from other products due to its modern design. It takes up very little space and is made of stainless steel (inox).

INOX DRYING RACK protects your clothes from rust that can be transferred to the fabric from ordinary conventional dryers, thus damaging your clothes or designer garments. To ensure that your clothes are never damaged by rust transferred from a rusty laundry dryer, use INOX DRYING RACK.

When not in use, the product is unnoticeable in your home due to its dimensions and modern design, whether it is mounted on the balcony, in the bathroom, or above a heating unit (radiator) in the living room. INOX gives it a special charm because the product is unobtrusive, and many globally recognized architects compare INOX to mirrors that are an essential part of every modernly designed interior. INOX DRYING RACK is produced in five colors:






Despite its small dimensions, when closed – only 30 millimeters, INOX DRYING RACK is an extremely durable product and guarantees a load capacity of 5 kilograms per rod. It is available in 4 sizes: